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"Saint Mary" Special Middle School for Hearing Impaired, Bucharest


The team of teachers from “ Special Middle School for Hearing Impaired Saint Mary “, from Bucharest, Romania, have been involving actively in the initiation and implementation of educational projects able to promote the quality education and the community integration of hearing impaired pupils.

The fundamental objectives of our schools are the education and spiritual formation of the hearing-impaired children and the transmission of the European values to them.

 We want to meet the needs of each student to become competent in acquiring and using information. We want to help our students to understand and respect the socio-cultural values of a democratic society.

The staff consists of 40 teachers ( 29 full teachers, 8 substitute teachers, 3 retired teachers). 19 of them got The First Teaching Degree, 11 teachers got the Second Degree, 6 teachers did the first exam in our national educational system and 4 teachers are beginners. There are psychologist  teachers and Romanian teacher, English teacher, Biology teacher, Chemistry and Physics teachers, Mathematics  teachers, Art teacher, Physical Education teacher. The aim of our work is to educate the children with special needs in order to integrate them in the society.

Five teachers are part of the National Body of Experts in Educational Management, one of them is Mentor and three are Methodists Teachers (Physical Education and Sports, Special Education, Formal and non-formal educational activity, Human resource development).

There are 135 students with hearing impairments of varying degrees. They are organized into 16 classes from Kindergarden, preparatory class to the tenth class depending on the grade of disability  ( following different curriculum frameworks/ curricula. Since 2014 the school has established a new level school - vocational education from 9th level to 12th, and now we have 2 vocational classroom  with 21 students from 14 to 18 years old. These students prepare in field: Printing techniques,  qualification: The printing offset.  Students with moderate and mild disabilities go through the general school curriculum adapted to their abilities, those with serious hearing deficiencies the curricula for hearing-impaired students and the multiple sensory impaired the curriculum for deaf-blind pupils/ DSM.  Students with moderate and mild hearing impairment participate with students from the mainstream school to the National Assessment, following high school courses –theoretical or vocational pathway. The results of our students at this exam could prove the quality of the educational system promoted by our school. Since September 2015 in our school there is a vocational school class in which 12 hearing impaired students study to become offset printers.

Students and teachers from our school enjoy a very good material base. There are Informatics Laboratories, AEL System Laboratory, Digital Print XXI, where the students can process the photos,  audiology cabinet, phonetic cabinets, crafts workshop, physical therapy gym. The school also have 30 computers, ten printers, four scanners, five copiers, five televisions, amplification station, internet access in whole school, video surveillance system, eight interactive whiteboards, 15 laptops, ten notebooks and a special ambient space.

The evidences of the quality of education provided by our school are the numerous awards and honors received across the time – “Diploma of Excellence”, “ Certificate of Excellence Institutional”, “Certificate of European School” and the pages of the School Book of  Honor completed by people who visited our school.

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