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"Protasi Zois - Proposal for Life"


The Center for the Prevention of Addictions & Promotion of Psychosocial Health "Protasi Zois" is a non-profit which resulted from the collaboration of local community agencies and was established in 1998 in Magnesia Prefecture in central Greece. It aims at the prevention against addictions, it tackles related issues and attempts to alleviate the desire for substance use and abuse while promoting social and mental health in general. The Center addresses the general population namely people that are not related to drug use and it has as its main target groups of parents, adolescents and school units. It has a well-qualified scientific staff (psychologists, sociologists and social workers) as well as remarkable experience of participating in, coordinating and managing national and European projects.

Addiction is a symptom that constitutes merely the tip of the iceberg. The causes of abuse may be found in the individual and in the way she experiences reality and perceives herself in relation to others. Of high importance is the totality of difficulties a person can withstand as well as the ability to process and handle tensions, conflicts and frustrations without resorting to escapes mechanisms such as substance use.

Based on this philosophy, we carry out preventive interventions in schools (students, teachers, teachers) and families, as well as awareness raising interventions in various social groups. The purpose of these interventions is to enhance the individual's mental resilience, personal responsibility and to promote the quality human relationships and emotions. This is achieved by working in groups where specific methods of active learning are applied, such as role playing, dialogue, etc. that push the person into a participatory process and make it easier to integrate prevention messages.

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