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COOPERATIVA SOCIALE PROMETEO ONLUS has a relevant experience and expertise in teaching information and communication technologies, so it has a skilled and expert staff. It has been a licensed institution for different ICT Certifications, among which the ECDL European Computer Driving Licence since 2012.It has run several courses in areas related to digital media and digital competence including E.D.A.L. European Digital Adult Learning: integrated course in ICT and English for adults with the aim of enhancing skills for reintegration into labour market and retraining. The program aimed at the acquisition of ECDL, E-Citizen and Breakthrough certifications; Expert in CAD modeling:  training of pattern makers specialized in the production of paper patterns on the screen, in developing digital sizes; Digital Fashion Designer: training of fashion designers specialized in the creation of the entire collection using ICT.

Pasquale Venditti and Salvatore Venditti will be responsible for the Financial and Communications.  Pasquale Venditti is the contact person.Mr. Venditti Salvatore has been managing and running several projects funded both by the European Union and the Apulia regional Council, the Province of Barletta, Andria, Trani and the Municipalities of Trani, Barletta, Terlizzi, Foggia, dealing with the Financial aspects of the projects, since 1982.

Staff involved in the implementation of the project will include:

Maria Grazia Toma who has a degree in Computer Science, teaches ICT both in secondary public schools and in vocational training courses – addressed to people who are unemployed and seeking to (re)-enter the job market - and is responsible, on behalf of “Prometeo”, of the ICT training field and cooperates with AICA (the Italian Association for Informatics and Automatic Computation –

Mr. Venditti Pasquale  who runs and manages ICT courses addressed to unemployed young people at the Urban Laboratory “G.O.S.” in Barletta, with the cooperation of the Municipality of Barletta and Terlizzi.

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