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Pro Democracy Association Club Buzau


Pro Democracy Association Club Buzau is a civic organization founded in 2010, with a non-partisan character, which functions as a Romanian natural person under private law, for non-profit purposes, in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

The purpose of the Pro Democracy Association Club Buzau (APD Buzau) is to strengthen democracy at county, national and international level by stimulating civic participation. As a principle of functioning, APD Buzau does not promote any kind of political ideology, party, candidate, political party or coalition of them in its activities.

In order to achieve its objectives, APD Buzau develops, mainly but not limited to, the following activities:

- informs citizens about issues of public interest;

- informs and educates the voters regarding the development of the electoral processes;

- monitors the electoral processes;

- organizes meetings between citizens and representatives of public authorities;

- organizes debates and opinion polls on issues of public interest;

- develops programs in partnership with public authorities and other civic organizations, public and private law;

- ensures the active involvement of citizens in the elaboration of public decisions and policies;

- contributes to the improvement of the legislative framework;

- increasing the population's access to health services by promoting health, information and education of citizens for health;

- capitalizing the potential of information and communications technology and its application in the public sector (administration) and the private sector (enterprises, citizens);

- increasing energy efficiency and sustainable development of the energy system, by promoting renewable energy sources;

- promoting the quality of the initial and continuing education and training system, including higher education and research;

- promoting the entrepreneurial culture and improving the quality and productivity of work;

- facilitating the insertion of young people and the long-term unemployed on the labor market;

- developing a modern, flexible and inclusive labor market;

- promoting the (re) insertion on the labor market of inactive people, including in rural areas;

- improving public employment services;

- facilitating the access to education and on the labor market of vulnerable groups;

- adult education and the promotion of European values;

-digital skills development.

The financing of APD Buzau is made from contributions, donations, sponsorships, sources attracted from projects from various internal or external financiers.

Since its establishment, our organization has carried out, in collaboration with its partners, many activities and projects to achieve its objectives.Examples of activities:

- "Police close to citizens"- "Association for Pro Democracy and Active Citizenship"- "The values of democracy in the lives of citizens"- “Clean administration - efficient administration”- "International Day for the Fight against Corruption"

- "Increasing the digital skills of the unemployed"- “Exercises for democracy” - project developed in partnership with the Pro Democracy Association and financed by the Governments of Iceland, the Principality of Liechtenstein and Norway through the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area- “10 grade choices”

- “Be digital,be smart”-for women over 45- “Choose consciously” - project in partnership with the Pro Democratia Association and coordinated by the Friedrich Ebert Romania Foundation- "Observation and monitoring of local elections" - starting with 2012 until now- "Observation and monitoring of parliamentary elections" - starting with 2012 until now- "Observation and monitoring of the elections for the President of Romania" - starting with 2012 until now- “Evaluation of Buzau candidates in parliamentary or local elections” - starting with 2012 until now

- "Evaluation of Buzau elected one year after the local elections and 6 months after the parliamentary elections" - starting with 2012 until now- "Transparent administration - responsible citizenship." The development of local democracy and citizen participation in the adoption of public policies in Romania- "Participatory budgeting process - between theory and practice"- “The decision-making process and the elaboration of public policies”

-  "Entrepreneurship - a development solution"- “I want to be a parliamentarian! “- “Clubs for democracy” - project developed in partnership with the Pro Democracy Association and financed by the Hanns Seidel Romania Foundation- “Youth Parliament” - in partnership with the Pro Democracy Association, the Chamber of Deputies and the Hanns Seidel Romania Foundation- "Pay ZERO for what you deserve!"- "Anti-corruption education among Buzau high school students"- "A chance for everyone" - developed through the Assoclic project, implemented by the Association of Workshops without smears- “Empowerment of Roma voters in Buzau County” - project in collaboration with the Vox Civica Association and funded by the Open Society Foundation through the Rome Office Initiative


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