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OPAL Teacher Training


We're OPAL, a teacher training center that's all about helping teachers (like us) boost their productivity and avoid burnout.

As busy teachers ourselves, we know firsthand how overwhelming and demanding our profession can be. Its challenges and demands are like no other and only the teachers understand them. After our own burnout experiences (which weren't fun at all) and getting fed up with the old-school (pun intended) practices in our school systems, we have come to realize the importance of taking time for both professional development and self-care. That's why we decided to provide high-quality solutions in a form of practical, effective, and affordable training courses and teaching resources.

Our mission is to help teachers succeed in the classroom without sacrificing their well-being. We believe that every teacher deserves the best tools and support to excel in our profession, and we're here to provide them.

Our Erasmus+ teacher training courses are designed to be practical and hands-on, with a focus on giving you tools and strategies that you can use in your everyday classwork. As all of our teacher training courses are eligible for Erasmus+ funding, they are accessible to teachers from all over Europe, which gives us an incredible opportunity to create a community of like-minded teachers through the perfect combination of learning and exploration. We hope to meet you in one of our exciting locations

We also create a wide range of teaching resources, like lesson plans, activities, and worksheets, to help you save time and energy in your busy days, as we are committed to helping you find more balance between your personal and professional lives.

We look forward to supporting you in your journey as a teacher.

Our ERASMUS+ OID is: E10317533

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