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National Talent Center


NGO interested in the change of education and support to the gifted individuals of all ages.

A team of associates from different professional fields, including more than 40 PhDs and University professors of the Universities of Novi Sad and Belgrade;

Activities of the organization in last 3 years:

Drafting a Strategy for the development and lifelong support of giftedness;

Study on Measures of Selection, Monitoring of Development and Support of Gifted Persons in AP Vojvodina from the Aspect of Economy and Employment Needs;

Co-organization and participation in 5 international conferences for giftedness;

Public forums and seminars dedicated to giftedness (9 forums in 2019);

Work on identification, development and lifelong support of giftedness in the general population;

Organization of gathering of Serbian students in the Diaspora (Oxford, Milan, Shenzhen)

Consultancy in selection of particularly talented and successful students for the purpose of awarding scholarships;

Delivering trainings and courses to support and develop mental skills;

Cooperation with other organizations, associations, institutions of the systems that work with the gifted;

Tools development for identifying and selecting gifted individuals;

Organization of exhibitions, lectures and media promotions of gifted and giftedness

Organisation Details
Area of activities / interests
Research organisation, think tank
Providing guidance about learning and/or careers
Adult education provider

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