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Lifestarter is an educational nongovermental organisation from Trnava from Slovakia which provide Adult Education and create projects supporting lifelong learning.

Our key projects and topics:

  • Learning Trnava (Učiaca sa Trnava) - project for implementation of concept of learning city throught networking, strategy, learnig festival and different educational activities for everyone.
  • EDUpoint - regular workshops or discussions especially for teachers about innovative teaching methods, new technologies and also mental health.
  • The Learning never stops (Učeniu niet konca) - Slovak podcast channel about lifelong learning, school, culture and free time which you can find on Spotify and also Youtube.
  • (učiteľ21 - digital) - educational course of Digital Skills for pedagogical workers.
  • Talents Evening - iniciative of support young and beginner artists which want to show their talent on the public cultural events.

Our other projects and information you can find on our website, FacebookInstagramLinkedIn profile or Youtube channel. You find there also our photos, videos and upcomming events. 

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Adult education provider

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