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La Fabbrica del Sapere


La Fabbrica del Sapere is an Italian Academy, of education, research and development, born to create, develop and disseminate expertise, professionalism and culture  at  local,  national level and European Level  (in 01/02/2015 has open an office in Bruxelles, to improve the European level activities).FDS has 3 structures with administrative and executive offices; 12 classrooms with teaching, computer labs and classroom equipped and furnished to make vocational training courses on natural nutrition about natural therapy, lifestyle food, and the creation of operators and workers in the food sector related to the wellness sector. FdS also has two other offices for secretarial services in Apulia Region and from 2015 one office in Bruxelles to improve the european level activities.ACCREDITATION:The FDS is  accredited by:-  APUGLIA  Region as a Institute of  Professional Training with code practice SCOLFF 55;-  Ministry of the Environment certified n. 19/13 for certify professions about the management of fluorinated greenhouse gases;-  Apulia Region as Node Network and point of access to the services of the Youth Guarantee Program;- ANGLIA CENTER FOR CERTIFICATION OF ENGLISH recognized by the Ministry.- IRSAF - Institute of Scientific Research in Higher Education, - associated with Sapienza Rome (Courses of Economics and Law).

QUALITY CERTIFICATE: • certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 – EA37 – certificate n. 40392• certificate UNI ISO 29990:2011 – EA37 certificate n. 40393

MANAGEMENT OFFICE:• Andria (BT) – 76123 – Via Ospedaletto km 1,700OPERATIVE OFFICES:  • Andria (BT) in Via Ospedaletto Km. 1.700• Barletta (BT) in Via Cialdini 98• Bisceglie (BT)  in Via Prof. M. Terlizzi, 24Secretary:• Andria (BT)  in Via Napoli  29/aEUROPEAN OFFICE:• Bruxelles (Belgio) on Rue de la Science 14/b MAIN GOALS:- Training and professional development; - Services related to education and training; - Promotion of professional retraining for people who have lost their jobs;- Promotion of activities related to the inclusion in the working world for young people and adults, using private and public tools;- Promotion of synergies and agreement with universities, schools, training institutions of every kind and degree; - Implementation of support policies in favor of persons who are not in a position to bear the financial burden resulting from the participation in training courses; - Awareness and promoting agri-food production with education about the use of natural products. ( FDS organized a competition between ice-cream makers to produce ice cream with underlying health natural products - extra virgin olive "cultivar coratina" that with its polyphenols may be healty)- Promotion and implementation of conferences , meetings and events as well as the active and direct participation to similar initiatives with similar aims and events organized in Italy and abroad, even with the use of media and forms of communication with the use of modern techniques of communication and multimedia.All the activities of “La  Fabbrica del Sapere”,  are carried out in collaboration with public and private facilities.OUR OTHERS PRACTICE AREAS:• secondary education, for secondary education, general education and specialized• post-graduate education• training and further training;• services related to training;• operation of services of data-base for the knowledge and the analysis of socio-economic needs of the territory;• management of a documentation center to support the activities of public and private management and training;• promotion of synergies and agreement with universities, schools, educational institutions of all kinds and levels;• establishment and operation of libraries and documentation centers, conducting activities aimed at collecting data and training databases;• activities of socio-economic, territorial;• implementation of support policies in favor of persons who are not in a position to bear the financial burden arising from the participation in training courses;• promotion of awareness in schools of any type and level, public and private;• promotion and implementation of conferences, meetings and events as well as the active and direct participation to similar initiatives and events promoted with similar purposes, in Italy and abroad, also with the use of means and forms of communication with the use of modern multi-media and communication;• certify under national legislation, European and regional skills

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