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KnowHub sp. z o.o.


Since 2005 we develop and deliver learning solutions for big and middle companies located in Poland. Yearly we plan and implement almost 500 trainings, workshops, coaching/mentoring programs and other services.

Around our organization we've build the community of over 50 top experts and educators representing various fields, including:

  •     leadership and building efficient teams,
  •     sales, customer care, marketing,
  •     communication, creativity, task management and other personal skills,
  •     human resources management,
  •     process and quality management,
  •     ICT, cyber security, digital transformation of SMEs,
  •     ecology, green skills and many others.

We've also got experience in running researches (organizational surveys, competence measuring) and consulting concerning HR (workplace learning, High Potentials, succession programs etc.). KnowHub's team is also experienced with “EU money”. For few years we used to run projects co-financed by ESF and dedicated to our clients (in total 2,5 mln EUR).

We could be valuable partner within ERASMUS+ projects concerning: workplace learning, teaching methods, skills, train the trainers, Diversity&Inclusion in workplace, green skills, e-learning, digatal transformation in SME. We are open also for other ideas related to developing competences of employees (upskilling and reskilling), and building sustainable and supportive workplace.

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Paweł Gębaczyk, CEO, co-owner -

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Research organisation, think tank
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Adult education provider
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