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Katolikus Ifjúsági és Felnőttképzési Egyesület


The main aim of KIFE’s operation is the provide services on the field of youth and adult education, and to embrace training organisations and trainers in value oriented projects. During its 20 year existence, it allocated lots of high quality knowledge and professional relationships, and was continuously seeking areas and situations that were in the need of development. Its services, partnership and professional support is provided and offered for various spheres, actors of society (trainer, civil organisations and their representatives, youth workers), with a growing emphasis on disadvantaged target groups (those living in rural area, women, youth, senior, unemployed, disabled).

KIFE itself initiates and starts innovative projects related to youth development and adult education, where, thanks to non-formal learning methods, a successful personal and professional development is carried out. A strong emphasis is laid on enhancing the participation of target groups, developing competences, spreading community building and training work for the members of the society who suffer from disadvantages for some reason and on providing them with equal opportunities.

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