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Karabaglar Public Education Centre


Karabaglar Public Education Centre was founded in 2008 in Izmir Province, Turkey as a common public education centre (adults education) affiliated with the Turkish Republic Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Life-long Learning. It has 18 classrooms, 15 teachers, 5 secretary staff. It has 200 ongoing courses and over 2000 applicants (students) annually.

The primary mission of Karabaglar Public Education Centre is to provide an access for education for anyone and anywhere; to sustain life-long learning for public; to acquire the skills and knowledge needed by some particular occupations and to meet society’s educational, cultural and artistic educational needs. Any citizen above the age of 15; who are officially out of basic compulsory education age can apply for courses that can vary up to 200 in number. Since our institution aims to educate adults from all social and educational backgrounds; it does not require a primary or secondary school diploma for literacy courses. Karabaglar Public Education Centre constantly provides literacy courses for citizens who had to abandon compulsory primary education and left behind the age of formal education age as well as immigrants who are in need of learning how to read and write in Turkish. Also, any citizen searching for a job, yet lack of the skills of a particular profession can apply to Karabaglar Public Education Centre. Along with these literacy courses, the centre conducts language, programming, first aid and hygiene, arts, music, bakery and textile design courses.

The vision of Karabaglar Public Education Centre is to become one of the most qualified public education centres of both Turkey and Europe. The centre is dedicated to continuous improvement in the quality of its education, research, art and technology, while at the same time encouraging entrepreneurial activity and showing sensitivity to the environmental.

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