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Kansanvalistusseura – The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation


Kansanvalistusseura, the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation, was founded in 1874. It is a politically and religiously detached organization that promotes lifelong learning and offers expertise and services in adult education.


Our dream is a society that values learning as its basis. Our aim is that everyone has the chance to learn through life and to lead a full life in harmony with other people and the environment.

For us lifelong learning means curiosity, empathy, tolerance and care for the environment.

Lifelong learning is essential and intrinsic to humanity. It is about growing into a responsible adulthood and humanity, as an active member of society.


We work as specialists and service providers of adult education. We publish, inform and educate. We cooperate internationally and speak for the importance of adult education.

Our strength is that we anticipate societal changes and adjust our activities accordingly. We remain loyal to our core values.

We network, cooperate and challenge. We provide opportunities for debate.

Strategic Priorities

A learning society is possible through:

Fostering lifelong learning

  • e.g. Souli online media, Adult Education journal, KVS Forum

Building media literacy

  • e.g. Civic skills via media education in Palestine project, events, communication

Connecting internationally

  • e.g. Kulkuri School of Distance Education, Elm – European Lifelong Learning media, the Communications Unit of the European Association for the Education of Adults – EAEA
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