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İstanbul Refia Övüç Olgunlaşma Enstitüsü

Brief History of Institute
The Istanbul Maturation Institute, affiliated to the Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Lifelong Learning, started education in 1945.
             Crafts of our continuing in the new generation traditional structure to provide new technological developments, diversification in parallel, embroidery clothes and to encourage the use prevalence in the decoration and finally suffered their Turkish handicrafts, is a school to develop and set up for the purpose to take advantage of the promotion of our country.
            The institute, which was established for the purpose of spreading and preserving the Turkish embroideries in our country 73 years ago, took the leadership of this art in the country and abroad by adding a new form and color to the works left by the Anatolian civilizations to the present day, has successfully represented our country.
            Participated in international competitions in 1983 have successfully represented our country in the Turkish business branches in Germany and has won the gold medal. was 1 held on international doll contest in Poland in 1987 and the achievement award institute is celebrating its 50th year of establishment in kazanmıştır.1995-96 producing personally Turkish embroidery and original works of the handicraft culture and create a pattern museum on site bringing people together.
In the institute with 2 years of education; Clothing Technology, Food and Beverage Services, Ceramics, Glass Technology, Art and Design / Fine Arts, Art and Design / Decorative Arts, Visual Arts, Jewelery Technology, Crafts Technology / Crafts, Crafts Technology / Embroidery, today available to our young girls in the area education is provided by teaching methods, courses at all ages and at every educational level are also opened.
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