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Idein Development Foundation


Idein Development Foundation is a Bulgarian NGO that aims at supporting the training and realisation of young people, adults and women (in particular) in priority sectors, also those related to the development and commercialisation of innovation, including through international exchange; promoting employment, life-long learning and training of workforce; networking with national and international organisations and institutions operating in the field of the labour market, regional development, innovation and smart specialisation.

The main activities are: development of training programs; trainings and events organization; business consultations; strategic, marketing and business analysis; project management and project development. The main target groups the Foundation is working are women, adults and young people, incl. vulnerable ones such as mothers, unemployed and NEETs. 

The foundation operates an office in Ruse, Bulgaria, and employs four experts with extensive experience in training preparation and organisation, as well as strategic analysis and development of strategic documents.

The organisation also operates a network of external professionals with extensive experience in the field of labour market issues, social inclusion, regional planning and development and management of EU funds, including cross-border cooperation.

The foundation has the necessary administrative capacity to lead and implement projects and assure smooth and correct implementation, respecting the timeline and reaching the objectives proposed. IDF’s vast experience in project management and partnerships coordination can strongly contribute to a partnership.

Our long-lasting experience in cooperation projects, the knowledge and skills to manage international teams to achieve results is one of our biggest strengths. Last but not least, we have access to a pool of highly proficient experts with significant expertise in skills, competence, and training needs screening/ assessment, incl. using machine learning and big data. 

The mission of the Foundation is to transform ideas into decisions and actions. The team works to support women and young people to find their own place and thrive on the labour market through inventing and applying new paradigms, based on technologies and innovation. Counting on well-structured partnerships and international cooperation we seek to support also local and regional development and work for the wellbeing and resilience of the population. 

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