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Foundation Agro-Centre for Education (FACE)


The Foundation Agro-Centre for Education – FACE is non-profit organization founded in 2006 as a Centre of excellence for development of human resources in the areas of agriculture, food production, environment protection and rural development in Macedonia and the region. FACE’s education services satisfy the needs of the farmers, experts, industry managers, policy makers, civil servants and the NGO sector in Macedonia and in the region in areas of agriculture, food production, environment protection and rural development. The aim of FACE is development of the agriculture in Macedonia and the region, trough capacity building, based on non-formal and formal education.FACE contributes towards strengthening the influence of the education over the sustainable agriculture, environmental protection and rural development, trough implementation of advanced educational programs in the non-formal and formal education.

The key values ​​of the organization are:

- Excellence - Our challenge is create impact through the highest levels of learning and performance. Our strength are professionalism, dynamism and flexibility, through processes and decision-making.- Integrity - We are fully responsible and transparent, first to our organization, then our donors, partners and those to whom we provide services.- Diversity - By accepting diversity and actively involving various groups, we are working together to solve the problems.- Equality - We believe in equal values, respect and sincerity towards every person. We promote gender equality and fight for dignity and human rights for all.- Innovation - Every day, through new ideas and solutions, we use all the opportunities that arise from the changes in the environment, anticipating the needs of the target groups.

FACE defines 3 strategic priorities for the period 2018-2021:

Strategic Priority # 1: Improving Non-formal Education and Lifelong LearningStrategic Priority # 2: Encouraging the role of the business sector in the education processStrategic Priority # 3: Creation of services in order to strengthen the sustainability of the organization.

The main approach of FACE was, and in the future will continue to be, with minor changes, the following:1. Ensure equal access to knowledge for farmers, employees in related industries, government and local administration, entrepreneurs, advisory services in agriculture, experts from private and non-governmental organizations, high school students from vocational schools, university students, FACE employees and, in particular, but not exclusively, to the members of the rural communities and communities;2. Linking education and research, with an emphasis on promoting innovative and applicable mechanisms and practices;3. Support for building local capacities, through education and training;4. To encourage a greater number of users of educational services;5. Develop and implement educational programs (curricula) and programs for adaptation to agriculture, tourism, food production, environmental protection, rural development and other sectors relevant to the work of FACE;6. Actively work on adapting informal educational programs to the needs of the rules of a market economy, the needs of the labor market and public services;7. To mobilize and receive funds, from internal funds or from external sources, for educational projects and services;8. To create a network of cooperation with local, regional and international organizations, as well as support all inter-institutional cooperation and coordination.

FACE is based on flat structure with a governing body (Boards of Trustees and Executive Office) The Board of Trustees embraces 5 persons, representing different stakeholders and the Executive Office with: an Executive Director, one Administrative Officer and two Project Collaborators (5 employees) and a pool of more than 20 experts in different fields of work.

The primary activity of FACE is the following services:

Trainings (vocational and other types) in various areas related to agriculture, environment protection and rural development, designed according to the needs of the target groups;Organization of conferences, seminars and workshops;Project planning, implementation and  management – These activities include the project plan development, including identifying the project goals, the tasks specifications, the required resources, the required budget and the projected time frame for the tasks implementation. Also, this includes the implementation of the project plan, accompanied by a permanent control process, which insures the timely completion of the planned tasks;Support for the partnerships between domestic institutions and organizations, as well as between domestic and foreign institutions and organizations, considering our business contacts and database;Consultancy and administration of digital database solutions, use of internet and communication technologies, publication and data storage;Preparing of studies – research and advisory services;Consultancy, administration and publication of educational, promotional and scientific materials;


Within the last 12 years FACE implement over 40 projects in relation to agricultural and rural development which had strong educational components and more than 120 events (trainings, seminars, round tables, workshops).

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