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Forum - Center for Strategic Research and Documentation


Forum - Center for Strategic Research and Documentation was established in 1997 as a non-governmental organization dedicated to researching strategic aspects and solutions to current local, national and regional issues. The Center played a significant role in strengthening the role of the civil sector and increasing its influence in the creation of national policies aimed at achieving the necessary standards for Euro-Atlantic integration of the Republic of North Macedonia. Forum CSRD is a non-profit organization that fully relies on grants and donations from foreign donors, foundations, companies and other organizations that recognize the results of what the Center is doing in order to create a better social climate and better governance in North Macedonia.Today, the organization actively works to involve citizens in the processes of participative democracy by educating hundreds of citizens and civic activists on how to fulfill their needs and ideas within the social flows and influence the decision-makers.Forum CSRD delivers excellence in strategic research findings on the processes of democratization of society and decentralization of power. Together with other think-tank organizations, we make a significant contribution in presenting the balance of the situation in society as a contribution to objectively based public policy documents. The core of the program focus of FORUM CSRD is the processes of democratization of society as a whole. Complementary to this are the aspects of democratization in the process of decentralization of the government and encouraging the balanced regional development.

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Research organisation, think tank

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