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EurOperativa aims to promote a European society based on the principles of equality, solidarity and freedom and in this context seeks to encourage cooperation between European citizens and their active participation in the social and economic activity of their communities. Particular emphasis is placed on the fields of education and culture, through the establishment of mutual learning and mutual benefit relations with other organizations and with the ultimate goal of promoting European cooperation and integration. In this way we contribute to the development of a dynamic European community of organizations capable of supporting active citizens in their personal and professional development.

EurOperativa is based in Volos and maintains a network of partners with a presence in most member states of the European Union. Our partners include, among others, educational institutions of all levels, local and regional authorities, social and cultural organizations and research institutes.

Our participation in the social and economic life of our community is achieved mainly through the implementation of transnational cooperation projects that are usually implemented with the co-financing of the European Union. Because of our objectives and our existing experience, we are particularly interested in actions that can be incorporated into the EACEA funding initiatives.

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