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Elite Teacher Academy


Our mission is to provide outstanding, internationally accepted , up-to –date knowledge in funny, inspiring atmoshere. We guarentee to improve your creativity and logical/ critical thinking, fruitful cooperations, irregular methods and memorable moments. Hungary has great traditions in supporting talented/gifted children. Our government spends millions of Euro on different talent projects annually. Our professionally demanding experts give you information firsthand not only on talented/gifted children but other issues too. 

One of our main aims is to make the curriculum of our courses based on up-to date knowledge. That is the reason why we contsantly carry out researches. We strongly believe that this is the way how we can guarantee an outstanding level of our courses and how we can remain in cutting edge position in training.

At this moment the main issue of our research is "talent support at schools".

The issues we are competent in, are the following:

traits of talented/gifted children,how to recognize talented/gifted children,how to differentiate/improve gifted children,how to support gifted children,how to define „talent”,what is creativity,what is logical thinking,how to improve them,how to apply scratch - an easy programming code - in teaching,how to teach communication,bilingual teaching,

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Research organisation, think tank
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Adult education provider

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