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EFCoCert Foundation


EFCoCert stays for European Foundation for Competence Certification.

EFCoCert mission is to:

- Develop and manage competence certification schemes non-regulated professions in Europe to provide concerned people a recognition and validation of their non-formal and informal learning, enhancing their employability and mobility.- Develop and/or exploit management system certification schemes for assisting scheme owners to professionalize the management and ensure the integrity of the implementation of their scheme.

As a partner, EFCoCert can offer you a wide range of services based on the following experience:

EU project definition, coordination, and exploitation of resultsDevelopment of certification schemes based on EFCoCert’s integrity program and ISO international standardsCreation and animation of expert committeesCooperation with various scheme owners ISO compliant private standardisationSpecification of SaaS online platform supporting dematerialized competence certification  examE-learning trainings design, development and delivery

EFCoCert's profile:

Swiss non for profit Foundation, established 2014Dedicated to set & operate (management system or competence) certification schemes in accordance to ISO rulesProfessionalising the certification scheme managementNeutral & independent CB private accreditation & scheme integrity managementMutualising the know-how, tools & costs for scheme ownersParticipation to and perennation of EU funded (Erasmus+) competence certification schemesBoard of stakeholders involving all interested parties3 members of Board of Foundation:

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