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The association EcoFairly, created in October 2018 with the goal to bring knowledge about ecological and sustainable way of life to the population and to promote eco-responsible behavior and  eco-construction methods for a change of consumption mode.

EcoFairly advocates for new innovative models of society that encourage people to migrate from consumers to actors. 

Since its creation, EcoFairly has been actively working to establish international partnerships to implement its action. Thus we can now count on a network of trusted partners. 

Ecofairly has initiated : 

  • A fundraiser for the construction of a training center for permaculture and eco-construction in Nepal; 
  • The Erasmus+ training course “GrEEn for Life, Explore, Educate and Learn” on permaculture and eco-construction for youth workers in Greece; 
  •  Workshop of upcycling with children in Strasbourg by organizing internships in the city for German students to become educators of young children; 
  • The Strategic Partnership “Eco Musica Refugees”  in the frame of Erasmus+ on inclusion of refugees with the association of music and upcycling workshops.

The association contributes to the acquisition of the population in new skills about ecology. Skills based on non-formal education and experiential learning, creating opportunities for people to discover new dimensions of interactions where it is possible that each person has the same chance of succeeding in life, being different and making the difference for a more sustainable life while respecting the preservation of the Earth. 

Thanks to the participation of its' members in the European volunteering program, training courses and seminars about ecology, Ecofairly has acquired experience in non-formal education, the Erasmus + mobility program, permaculture and eco-construction.

Mrs HOANG Hong Hanh president and cofounder of the NGO is a former EVS volunteer in a project of sustainable and active citizenship and has participated in many ERASMUS+ programs such as training courses, seminar about ecology, youth exchange (as an organisation representative). She has gained experience about non formal education and good practices for a sustainable way of living. She Speaks French, English, Vietnamese and German (B1).

Mr. Jad EL KHECHEN is a music teacher graduated from the École Normale de Musique in Paris Alfred Cortot and from the HEAR Pôle Supérieur de Strasbourg. Passionate about sounds and noises he has participated in several musical creation projects. Interested in the principle that creation should be the center of education, he experiments with a new concept with a guitar ensemble based on the research of sounds, noises. Main trainer of our creative activities, he contributes to make them more imaginative and innovative.

Mrs Kathrin SCHINDLER, vice president of the association, is the head of the international office of the University of Kehl. She has expertise in setting up an European ERASMUS + project in higher education. She studied International Relations and today as a conscientious citizen,  the issue of preservation of our Environment is one of her big concerns. She speaks German, English, Spanish, French. 

Mrs Hanna ERIKSSON, secretary of the association is a lawyer who graduated in environmental law and intellectual property. She benefited from the Erasmus program during her studies. She drafts agreements with our partners, takes care of legal and insurance issues. She speaks Polish, French, English and German.

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