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The Directorate for Social Assistance-Municipality of Piatra Neamt


 The Directorate for Social Assistance is a local public body in Piatra Neamt, subordinated to the Municipality and in charge with the social responsibility of the people in our city who are affected by types of social exclusions that produce their vulnerability. The main purpose of the Directorate is to reduce their vulnerability through different measures from social benefits consisting of allowances to social programs and projects based on social services or integrated services (social plus educational, labor market orientation, occupational services, medical, therapeutically, etc.- according to beneficiaries’ needs and according to our institution strategical plan. The main groups of beneficiaries:

Adults and families with no income, unemployed or unable to workyoung persons coming from institutional public centres

elders who are alone, poor and with no family, integrated into the residential centrekids and small children from poor families or families with problemsvictims of domestic violenceroma personspersons (children and adults) with physical disabilities

The number of employees of our institution is about 400 from which about 70 work as office workers or in the administration of the directorate and the rest are: social assistants, medical assistants, nurses, doctors, personal assistants, psychotherapists, etc. and specialized persons who work directly with the beneficiaries in centres or  in the system of home care. Every system or centre has own stuff, coordinated at central level by an administrative team. 

Description of beneficiaries and the services we offer:

1. Old persons that are residents in the Social Centre for Elders "Pietricica" in Piatra Neamt - 89 elders, beneficiaries of social, medical, psychotherapeutic care, food, residence and company

2. Youngsters that are residents in the Social Centre "Impreuna" (Together): 60 persons of 18 -30 years old. They live there and they come from institutional centers where they lived until 18. 

3. Youngsters up to 18 and who are offered different services that they need as they are without parents or the families are poor or the kids are neglected. The center capacity is 62 kids. They stay here and go home only to sleep. On average, there are about 15-30 kids/day

4. The Day Centre for small children between 3-6 years. They come from families with problems: here, about 25 children receive kindergarten education, food, social and medical care every day

5. 5 nurseries for 320 children under 3. From this number, 30 kids are of severe poverty

6. Shelter for homeless persons, including meals, therapy, social services and basic education and care. During winter especially, there are about 40 persons/night

7. Social canteen for 250 persons per day (the number includes also the beneficiaries from the day centers and residential centers

8. 6 permanent emergency centers for large public in case of medical needs

9. Scholar medical assistance  (in schools there are doctors and nurses for pupils)

10 Communitarian assistance at home (at request)

11. Basic home cares  for elders or disabled persons - 15 persons /day

12. Social aids (lump monthly sum) - 120 poor persons

13. Social houses and metal containers for about 800 roma persons. The houses are the property of the Municipality and our institution provides the families with social benefits and different types of services: social, medical, occupational (for persons willingly to work), social integration, motorization the children to go to school, providing one warm meal a day/each person and other actions and projects in order to improve the lives of these persons.

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