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Czech Association of Organisations Working in Penal Affaires (AOOV)

Czech Republic.

Our mission is to promote mutual sharing of knowledge, experience and best practice among relevant stakeholders to achieve progressive changes in the field of ex-prisoners reintegration into society and renewal of relationships distorted by history of crime. 

The purpose of the Association is to connect various stakeholders in the field of penal matters and criminal justice and to contribute to systemic changes in the field of criminal justice. 


To achieve the goals of the Association – co-creating a system that takes into account the interests and needs of convicted persons, victims and society as a whole – we carry out the following activities:

  • We organize events aimed at sharing information and educating our members.
  • We organize meetings and workshops for the community of experts focused on the development of good practice and the search for effective solutions to current problems in the integration of incarcerated persons.
  • We draft expert opinions and we provide practical experience to key actors, we carry out advocacy work and strive for systemic changes.
  • We provide extensive networking across the Czech Republic.
  • We develop cooperation with foreign partners, we organize events aimed at exchanging experience and transfering good practice from abroad.
  • We organize information campaigns and cooperate with the media to help the public understand the issue of incarceration and dealing with the consequences of crime.
  • We participate in expert working groups and advisory commissions of the government and ministries

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