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Cross Culture International Foundation Cyprus - CCIF Cyprus


CCIF Cyprus is active in the field of education as holders but also as partners of different projects. We mainly focus at intercultural understanding, active citizenship, entrepreneurship, healthy lifestyle, community development, e-learning, art and culture. Our activities are based on the approaches of non-formal education, experiential and intercultural learning, include but are not limited to: networking and cooperation; educational projects of different types; awareness raising, policy development; capacity building; coaching organizational and individual initiatives;

Our group of professionals has long experience in community development, in the conduct of educational activities, with specific expertise in group dynamics, conflict resolution, innovation, creativity and mentoring.

CCIF Cyprus provides a significant contribution in the field of education, training, employment and youth entrepreneurship with different collectives passing their knowledge on:

  • Developing educational GAMES
  • Organization of cultural events
  • ICT courses for digital education
  • Video making and scenography
  • Mobile apps, web pages and platforms as creative tools for learning

Our mandate is to support education, by conducting researches, developing learning and training tools, which are applicable in non-formal educational settings. This enable us to guide and support youth and adults to find their path through empowerment, capacity building, social innovation, and initiatives & outreach. Thus, we provide the opportunities to participate and engage with the society and freely access our educational tools and programs in the fields of peace-building, human rights, humanitarian aid, gender education, and environmental protection.


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