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Creativa AMKE is a non-for-profit organization in the cultural and creative sector. Creativa is active in the fields of: Festivals, audiovisual sector (festivals, screenings, workshops, labs), theater/dance/music (production, workshops, labs), arts (production, installations, workshops, labs), tourism.


We seek collaborations both in European as well as international level in order to promote an interdisciplinary approach in the field of creativity. Our primary field of interest and expertise is the audiovisual sector (films and cinema) and festivals, but of course we engage in all fields of the cultural and creative sector. Our target audience is children, young people, and professionals of all ages as well as vulnerable groups of people / people with fewer opportunities. We put a great emphasis in the promotion of non formal and informal education though educational and cultural projects. We aim to make culture, creativity and art accessible to all.


Creativa is run by professionals with extensive experience in project management. It works as a hub for professional artists and professionals in the cultural and creative industry from all over the world.

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