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Centro Provinciale Istruzione Adulti

Our Institution

CPIA 2 Serramanna is a Public Educational Institution part of the Ministry of Education. It's a school for adult learners based in the south-west of  Sardinia in Italy. Our students are between 16 to 80 years old and  the majority of them have not completed the compulsory secondary education. CPIA 2 Serramanna provides a training offer aimed at obtaining qualifications awarded at the end of specific didactics paths for adults and young adults, even foreigners, who did not fulfill the obligation to education. Our school promotes raising adult education levels - both Italian and foreign - in order to acquire basic knowledge and skills, to facilitate the search for employment, to enable a more conscious participation in civil and social life, to strengthen a positive attitude towards learning.

Our goals and areas of improvement

Adult learners are recognized as passive and hardly involved in the process of continuous learning. As a school for adults, we aim to offer courses that are able to fulfill all the different needs of our students. For this reason we consider the improvement of our teachers' competences and skills a main goal for our institution.  Our objective is to improve  the capacity and attractiveness of CPIA 2 Serramanna so that we will be able to offer activities and programs that better meet the needs of our students.  Our Institution covers a wide territory and have different centres where courses are delivered, some centres are located in a deprived area  where a considerable number of families have little formal schooling and where the majority of their members are unemployed. We need  to develop our own capacities by introducing innovative ways, tools and working methods in order to offer our adult learners optimal training programs.

 Our project

 Life Long Learning is our main goal together with migrants' issues.There are 1601 enrolled students, whose majority is formed by immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors. Therefore one of our priorities is to improve the integration of immigrants to the local people and context. For this purpose  we would like to get in touch with well-experienced institutions in the field of this type of projects and exchange best practices, we are also  applying for Erasmus+ KA1 grant under the theme of immigrants' integration, new innovative curricula/educational methods/development of training courses.

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