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The CPFPA  Ricardo Simón Monerris team has got five teachers who want to improve the use of the new technologies in the classroom, the use of English  and the European aspect.  We want to improve our  skills so we can use  our methods in our classes.  We would like visit overseas and have the chance of sharing our experiences abroad. We believe in a humanistic approach to language acquisition and to personal growth.We have an overwhelming passion to develop the confidence of all our students and guide them with support and enthusiasm to achieve their goals. In addition we want to establish contacts with European adult schools that share our same goals. We want to attend two structured courses that will allow us to train ourselves. We will also request a conversation assistant for our center. The methodology will be participatory, innovative in the use of new technologies and based on the experimental method. The long-term benefits are the openness to a new way of working more modern and with a Europeanist approach of exchange of experiences and the insistence in our motto that is lifelong learning and healthy habits.

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