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To whom it may concern in the field of justice,


            My name is Christine Kalogerakou and I am the head of the secretariat of the County Court of Sparta in Greece. The County Court as a Greek political district court deals with civil cases such as disputes up the amount of  20,000 euros -both disputes of ordinary claims procedure and special small claims procedure (hire, labor, cars etc.) - interim measures, publication of payment orders and cases of voluntary jurisdiction such as testaments etc.
            The purpose for writing this letter of proposal to you is that our organization is interested in finding partners in order to participate in the EU programme “Erasmus Plus 
            The aim of our project is to plan a KA1 (Key Action) mobility activity for the staff .  Our project is divided in two sectors and refers to:
1) The judges (magistrates) in order to exchange knowledge in terms of the European Law
2) The secretaries of the magistrates and the exchange of knowledge and best practices in terms of technology and public administration. 
            If you are interested in our project, please contact us and we can exchange our ideas. My phone at the office is +302731093953 and my mobile is +306976331173 while the email address of the County Court in Sparta is
The deadline for applying for this programme is the 5th of February 2020, so as you can imagine we do not have a lot of time.
Christine Kalogerakou


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