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Cordelia Foundation


Cordelia Foundation works to rehabilitate survivors of torture, sexual violence or other grave trauma, providing them bio-psycho-social support, since 1996. Our rehabilitation work primarily takes place in Hungary, in several locations. 

Since most survivors of torture or severe trauma in Hungary are nationals of third countries, for more than two decades Cordelia’s primary target group of rehabilitation has consisted of asylum-seekers (AS), people in search of and already beneficiaries of international protection (BIPs). Cordelia is the only organizations providing this type of comprehensive care to this vulnerable group in the country. 

Cordelia is an independent public interest organization, and the only Hungarian accredited member of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims. It has been awarded with the UNHCR’s Asylum Prize and the Sozial Marie Award for social innovation, and its medical director (Lilla Hárdi M.D.) has received the Inge Genefke Prize for her outstanding assistance to survivors of torture. 

Cordelia's team consists of psychiatrists and psychologists who use both individual and group methods, and work with both adults and children. Their work is complemented, when necessary, by our specially trained interpreters.

Cordelia's activities include the identification and treatment of survivors of torture and other extreme forms of trauma, many of whom develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other mental disorders. We have expertise and extended experience in working with people with diverse cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds. 

We also deliver capacity building for authorities, NGOs and legal professionals working with asylum-seekers and beneficiaries of international protection. We continously cooperate with for social workers in contact with trauma-survivors (facing an increased risk of burn-out), we provide supervision and contribute to case management. We train other professionals working with our target group in non-therapeutic settings on how to recognize and address signs of trauma in adults and children, and we raise awareness on how to identify symptoms of vicarious (secondary) trauma. Last but not least, Cordelia also provides policy analysis and advocacy, especially concentrating on the mental health care of asylum-seekers and BIPs. We are also engaged in research and develop publications, with the overall aim to improve national and international practices as regards the identification of trauma survivors, the documentation of trauma consequences, and treatment. 

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