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Colegio Oficial de Ciencias Políticas y Sociología de Andalucía


Founded in 1994, the Andalusia Political Science and Sociology Professional Association, has collaborated with several public and private organisations, contributing and/or participating in private and/or public projects with social, educational and research interests. This Professional Association has also been involved in other areas related to the professional field of the associated members and its employees of different professional disciplines.

This Professional Association aims to regulate the professional activity of Political Science and/or Sociology graduates, and related or derived double degrees (Political Science and Public Administration, Political Science and Sociology, International Affairs, Management and Public Administration, etc.) in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia (Southern Spain). The Association has a wide organizational structure due to the diverse profiles of our members. One of our key goals is to promote and lead the involvement of Political Science and Sociology in the European Union in order to foster the European citizenship. We also aim to create participation links and active partnership among the different communities and minority groups that are part of the EU.

Some of our activities are focused on training and retraining for professionals, as well as undertaking studies, research and interventions in different areas of the Social Sciences. In addition, we provide a department of academic and professional career guidance devoted to the job search for the unemployed. Furthermore, this department also develops networks for labour market inclusion.

Within our Professional Association there are specialized Working Groups focused on achieving results and working towards goals. These Working Groups are made up of associate members with different professional profiles, as well as other professionals, creating altogether a multidisciplinary team which works from the various provinces of Andalusia.

The Andalusia Political Science and Sociology Professional Association is located on the southern border of Europe and has its headquarters in Granada, a highly demanded university city where a wide range of religions, nationalities, cultures and ethnicities coexist. This is the result of our history, a complex process in which different cultures and civilizations, such as the Iberian, Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman, Byzantine, Moorish of Al-Andalus, Sephardic, Romani and Castilian, have merged over time to build the current Andalusian identity and culture.

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