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Center for Sustainable Development ALKA


ALKA as a team is engaged in civil sector activities on national / regional level since 1999, then registered in April 2004. ALKA is dedicated to work towards creating an organized society, with empowered citizens who play an active role in creating a better future for all generations (ALKA VISION). ALKA’s MISSION is to stimulate and support communities’ initiatives for sustainable development and to build capacities of regional / local authorities, formal organisation, non-formal groups and citizens on local / regional level. ALKA cooperates with communities, municipalities, governmental and nongovernmental organisations and institutions, by extending technical, consultative and financial assistance. Aim of this cooperation is input towards sustainable development of human / material resources and strengthening the democratic and decentralization processes in fYR Macedonia.

ALKA strategic directions are: (1) Building capacities for local / regional partnership to mobilize local / regional potentials; (2) Initiating and promoting cooperation and innovation in local/regional development; and (3) Improving performances of society figures and developing sustainable strategies for problem solving.

ALKA in its work is using well established working methodology. It is designed as a result of a need for cooperation with citizens and local government as beneficiaries and decision makers for various priorities and needs. Methodology goals are to (1) Raise awareness and strengthen capacity of beneficiaries, (2) Achieve balanced and ongoing participation of all parties involved in project designing and implementation, (3) Identification of local priority needs and mobilizing all possible local resources for solving specific priority issues, (4) Designing a sustainable solutions for the priority, articulated into a project / program proposal and (5) Reaching sustainable local / regional development.

Accordingly to the needs and beneficiaries’ potentials, this methodology can be applied in various society sectors (local / regional economic development, inter-municipal cooperation, environment and energy saving, infrastructure, human rights, social protection, gender equity, education, sports and recreation etc.

Mentioned methodology is designed as a basic requirement to:

  • Respect all members of local communities regardless of age, gender, nationality and socio-economic status and their involvement in local decision-making;
  • Encourage the participation of all in the activities, involving different views and ideas;
  • Analyse the needs, select the priorities, generate innovative solutions and decision making in cooperation between citizens, businesses, local government and other institutions;
  • Prepare project documents, applications and proposals, cooperation agreements, development plans;
  • Ensure transparency in all activities and additional activities to support and encourage the process of decentralization and local development.

During its operation ALKA members have acquired extensive experience in: Administration and Logistics (Administration, Paperwork, Written-formal Correspondence, Human Resources, Logistics Office, Financial Management, and Budgeting) Communication (Public Relations, Promotion and Lobbying, Presentation Skills) Organisation (Analytical skills, prioritization, and systematization).

Also have acquired the following skills: Organisational skills (preparing program / project proposals including EU funded projects, organizing and conducting experiences’ exchange workshops, training sessions, educational and know-how transfer workshops, organizing presentations, mentoring, moderating, facilitation); Implementation skill (project implementation and mobilization of human and other resources, Mediation, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Procedures for procurement, supervision of construction works); Delivery of trainings (Project Cycle Management, Strategic and Development planning, Analysis and Researches).

Target groups / beneficiaries included in ALKA project proposals:

  • LSGs administration, Regional Development Centres, CSO’s, urban–rural communities;
  • Agricultural workers, organic producers, people (especially women / youth) in remote rural areas;
  • Marginalized groups (especially women and youth), disadvantaged people and groups at risk of social exclusion, Labour market, VET companies, Socially responsible companies;
  • Tourist workers, Rural communities and its inhabitants delivering touristic services, Touristic entrepreneurs, Tourist presenters and guides, Local restaurants, Hospitality/Services sectors, Artisans/Handcrafts’ people and other Tourist Service providers;
  • SMEs, business sector, Chambers, Professional organisations and associations, Universities, R&D institutions and organisations;
  • Children and young adults with physical disability and their families;
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