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CEMEA is a New/Progressive Education movement, an association of popular education, a training organisation working on Youth fields, formal and non-formal education, social work, culture and international questions. The main goal of the association is to share the principles of the Progressive Education.

CEMEA is an association organised under France’s 1901 Association Act, recognised as public interest, partner of the Public Education and allowed to train by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and the National Education.

The association of CEMEA Martinique relies on a network of active voluntary members composed of 70 people (teachers, group leaders and volunteers, educators). The association works in conjunction with the institutions, the local authorities and the Local Authorities of Martinique (a single institution replacing the Regional Council and the County Council) and with many local workers. The permanent team consists of 25 people (in Fort-de-France on 2 sites, in Lamentin on 3 sites). The CEMEA Martinique is active in several sectors:

  • The Group Leader sector: training group leaders and directors of volunteer group leaders (BAFA/BAFD) and training in professional group leading: initial training of professional group leaders and coordinators (BAPAAT training, BPJEPS, DEJEPS, CQP extracurricular leaders).
  • The Social Work sector: trainings on partnerships of social workers
  • The sector of regional education policies: trainings of extracurricular leaders and schooling support, link between formal and non-formal education (diagnostics, local educational contracts, training of coordinators).
  • The School sector: actions on citizenship education, participating in complementary actions for drops-out school children or to strength French language capacities, training teachers, training student representatives.
  • The Culture sector: setting up the Marionette Festival, meetings around Educational Film Festivals and cultural activities for different audiences (children, young people, adults).
  • The sector of European and International relationships: relationship with Haiti (exchange of practices and mutual acceptance of trainers), departure for professional internships abroad as part of Erasmus+ for training in social work, first EVS in 2007 and again since 2016.
  • The Proximity and direct actions sector: meeting and working every day with hundreds of children and parents on citizenship actions, schooling support and playful activities. During Holydays, welcoming under 18 or NEETS.

The target audiences for the association are young people and adults participating in actions and training and anyone interested in education issues. Our actions take into consideration the “European dimension” by seeing our geographical distance.

All of our actions take particular attention to the accessibility of our training to vulnerable groups and people with fewer opportunities (young people who drop out of school, people with disabilities, migrants and isolated young people from abroad, beneficiaries of local missions).

The CEMEA Martinique consists:

  • 25 employees
  • 5 sites
  • 70 members
  • 350 trainees per year
  • 900 people on all our activities
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