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Casa Santa Rosa is a rehabilitation center for adult people with disabilities that organizes several adult education programs for its patiences. We focus on quality of life, empowerment and equal opportunities. The Institute of Figlie di S. Maria della Divina Provvidenza- Casa Santa Rosa is part of the international network of Opera Don Guanella ( with several centers in the world.  Casa Santa Rosa is a Health Presidium for the Rehabilitation of Psycho-Physical-Sensory Disability recognized by the National Health System pursuant to Article 26 of Law 833 / 78, authorized and accredited by the Lazio Region (DCA n. U00045 of 21 February 2014) according to the accreditation regime in force for extensive and maintenance rehabilitation, in the area of competence of the local branch of the National Health System, ASL Rome 2. Attention to the quality of services and user satisfaction is the primary objective of Casa Santa Rosa. To this end, Casa Santa Rosa adopts a quality management system in reference to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 international standards.

The Center has two main missions: 

1)recovery and functional rehabilitation of adult users (over18 y.o. with no uopper limits) with intellectual and developmental disabilities

2) assisting  children with disabilities in their social inclusion process as well as their rehabilitation from the infancy to 17 y.o. 

For this purpose, it offers residential (family-groups and multipurpose rehabilitation laboratories) and semiresidential (day care center) services, reserved to adult users and non-residential (ambulatory) services, aimed to patients in the developmental age. Currently (data 2019) about 100 users use residential and semi-residential services to which, approximately, another 150 users are added who use nonresidential ones.

Casa Santa Rosa is also a research center in the field of mental care assistance and it organizes several training activities at regional level. 

Some history: The Casa Santa Rosa began its activity in 1946, immediately after the Second World War. Initially it was only a welfare institution, but in the early 1960s it started to transform into a medical-psycho-pedagogical center, with the recruitment of qualified lay staff and the training of religious personnel to recover and educate young disabled people. The House, in its early years of life, worked mainly in the field of developmental age, with the opening of special schools and the creation of environments that recreate the living conditions of a family group; moreover, with assisted girls, reintegration into normal school and then into society was encouraged whenever possible. Over the years the Casa Santa Rosa opened to adulthood, starting to set up rehabilitative workshops (weaving, leather and rope, gardening, etc.) and to creating recreational and socializing opportunities for adult girls, in addition to a permanent therapeutic intervention and a maintenance of autonomy and school acquisitions. With the law on school integration, the school service has been reduced and the house has increasingly become a rehabilitation center, offering users a highly qualified intervention, animated by the pedagogical thought of the Founder who urges us to an educational work addressed to the totality of the person in his multiple dimensions. Today it is exclusively in the rehabilitation center, one of the most important in the territory of the Municipality of Rome, which caters to all age groups of both genders. In addition to the activities hosted in the main structure, the center also includes several external social structures equipped to host some adult people with disabilities to work specifically on their autonomy.

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