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"Uniamoci Onlus" is a no profit organization that works in the field of integration and social assistance of adult people with disability fostering their full inclusion in the society. The Association was created in Palermo on 26/03/2008. The objectives of Associazione Uniamoci Onlus can be summarized as follows:- empowerment of our users with disability with the develpment of soft and practical skills that can be spent in volunteering activities and/or in a work context- international cooperation in the field of social inclusion of people with disability- promotion of European mobility, active citizenship and volunteering- social awareness about inclusion and environment protection.The headquarter of our organization is a PROPERTY CONFISCATED TO THE MAFIA that we received on free loan by the Municipality of Palermo, it is located in the neighborhood of Brancaccio; here we implement administrative activities, educational and youth activities. From its creation till today, about 200 young and adult people with disability benefited of the services provided from the Association.

Our main activities are:- Offer of educational and socialization activities, in a group setting and pursuing personalized objectives, for young/adult people with disabilities, on a daily basis in our centre- beweekly street sweaping activities with an inclusive group of young volunteers- creation of opportunities of European mobility for young people, young people with disability, volunteers and professionals in the social field through the implementation of stages abroad, youth exchanges, partnerships and projects about volunteering- hosting of transnational activities (youth exchanges, staff and student trainings) where our users and volunteers are actively involved- management of the web radio "Senza Barriere" and editing of the magazine "Disabile in...forma"- implementation of seminars, workshops and international conferences, realization and diffusion of video-spot, creation of publications and guide-books on the theme of inclusion of people with disability and arising awareness activities through the active involvement of volunteers and disabled people.

The main beneficiaries of our work are young/adult people with physical, cognitive and/or mental disability. The users who daily come to our centre are around 25 and they are aged between 18 and 38 years old. We involve in our activities several volunteers, among youth and students, adults with social obstacles and senior volunteers, from 2 years we involve as volunteers young and adults put in probation: they support our activities and they benefit form the parsonal and learning advantages ofvolunteering.

Our staff is composed of 3 long terms workers and around 10 collaborators. During the years Associazione Uniamoci Onlus created local and national partnerships and cooperation in order to realize several social actions:- it realize project activities in the social field with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers

- Department of Youth and the National Civil Service; the Regional Department of Family and Social Policies; Fondazione con il Sud;- it is accredited with the University of Palermo for the hosting of trainees who are students at the Education Sciences, Political Science, Economics Faculty;- it is partner of the following institutions: the Uniaversity of Palermo, the Center for disabled students at the University of Palermo, association "C.E.I.P.E.S", Association Porte Aperte, Hryo Organization, the solidarity center Don Giosuè Bonfardino, Silene cooperative, Euromed Carrefour Sicilia - Europe Direct and several local shools.- it is founding member of Federazione Sociale Italiana per le Disabilità.

Furthermore at an European level, Uniamoci Onlus implements the European social policy within the Erasmus+ Programme and Anna Lindh Foundation, spreading the European values at a local level, spreading the principles of inclusion at an international level and contributing to the exchange of good practices among European and extra-European organizations that are active in field of social inclusion of people with disabilities, youth and more in general in the social field.

Associazione Uniamoci Onlus received the recognition of STAR PROJECT by the European Commission for the Senior volunteering project “Free Age: senior volunteers meeting young disabled people” and as good practice example for the Adult education staff mobility project Going International, them both realized with the German organization Werk Diakonisches in Bremen. Uniamoci Onlus is an EVS sending/hosting and coordinating organization and it has a network of partnership at an European and extra-European level composed of about 100 organizations.

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