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Association for Local Initiatives “Binoculars”


Association for Local Initiatives “Binoculars” 


Our aim

The aim of our association's activity is to support educational, sports, recreational and cultural activities, especially in the area of initiating and supporting local undertakings. We deeply care about our region and its cultural heritage. 

Our team

We are an organization associating both adults and youth. Our team is a group of experts and enthusiasts in their fields such as: smart village, food tech, digital technologies, tourism, culture, and more. We complement each other and stimulate action. We do everything so that our partners can develop, change and create innovative solutions.

Our activity

We organize extracurricular activities and workshops for children, young people and seniors. In our activity, we promote the use of modern technologies. We organize and conduct training, workshops, courses and consultations in the field of personal, professional and social development, conferences, seminars, cultural events and social campaigns.

Our motto

We see more, we do more!


Organisation Details
Area of activities / interests
Providing guidance about learning and/or careers
Adult education provider
EU project manager or partner
A media specialised in adult education

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