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Adult Informal Education Center "Azote"


We are Adult Informal Education Center "Azote". We successfully act in the field of education of unemployed ones and also employed people. We provide different courses and seminars for them in order to enhance their skills and capability to adapt to the changing work circumstances and demands, as well as to the changing social circumstances. We have engaged in the motivation program, in the framework of which we provide the assistance for long-term unemployed people to rise their self-esteem and to find the job appropriate for them.

We also organize events – like camps for youth and children and seniors, as well as handicapped ones. The main aim of camps and other cultural events is to develop social inclusion of vulnerable groups, to boost the integration of all society through taking part in common activities.

We have also experience in the international projects (Grundvig, Erasmus+).

We are open to any cooperation. We can exchange with our rich experience, but in the same time we understand, that we need to learn all the time – in order not to lose our professionality.


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