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Adiyaman University


Adiyaman University (ADYU) was founded in 2006. Since then internationalization has constituted one of the pivotal axes of ADYU's institutional development. Officially founded in 2007, Erasmus Coordination Office coordinates ADYU's internationalization efforts, strives to enhance the university's international network and the range of international activities strategically. Our institution sees Erasmus+ as central to its internationalisation strategy. We have designed a floor for students and staff to deal with all the mobilities for incoming and outgoing students/staff. Erasmus Vice Coordinator serves as a contact person with institutions abroad for all academic questions and with companies for the internship of the students and he is responsible for the overall documents of the Erasmus+ Programme and the Inter-Institutional Agreements. He is also responsible for selecting outgoing students and staff. Vice Coordinator have a good English level, so they can monitor the mobilities in the best conditions and let us participate in any project proposed. Modernization through internationalization is the key goal of the international strategy of Adiyaman University. It values the importance of internationalization and aims to enhance its international profile including European countries. By participating in the Erasmus+ Programme, Adiyaman University will achieve the key challenges of the internationalisation and modernisation of the institution to contribute to the goals of a European Education Area. To achieve these targets, our Erasmus Office put great efforts in choosing potential partner universities that have a common vision and mission within our internalization strategy. Thus, our office has also been in charge of initiating new protocols to cooperate with partners in European countries. The main motto of Adiyaman University is to be one of the well-known universities in the European Higher Education Area. To succeed in this goal, we will continuously develop co-operations with European universities in terms of quantity and quality. Adıyaman University's programs also aim to produce graduates who will be leaders in their respective professions, innovative and creative individuals through sharings from the mobilities. Adiyaman university; carried out substantial curricular reforms and re-structured all degree programmes, according to the principles of the Bologna process. Besides, mobile students and staff share their experiences with the rest of the university and such activities enlight the others both in cultural and educational terms. Such experiences give us an idea for the modernization of our degree programmes, research techniques and cooperative studies.

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