National Support Services - Cyprus

National Support Services - Cyprus


Υπουργείο Παιδείας, Πολιτισμού, Αθλητισμού και Νεολαίας


The Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) is working to develop and implement policies, strategic goals and programs that reflect the vision of an educational system that encourages the free-thinking society in a democratic context, investing in learning without social exclusion, the free expression and development of the individual. Meanwhile, it provides opportunities for lifelong learning and training through Lifelong Learning programs. In this respect, the MoEC is responsible for preparing the annual planning, monitoring and evaluating the progress of the objectives to be achieved, and supporting the schools of all levels in the implementation of their programs. In addition, the MoEC promotes research on education and culture and the continuous professional development of educators.

The National Support Service (NSS) of the EPALE Platform in Cyprus is managed and supervised by the Department of Secondary Technical and Vocational Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Description of the work program for the year 2017

The National Support Service (NSS) of EPALE platform, which administratively belongs to the Secondary Technical and Vocational Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture continues to support the continuation and diffusion of the platform, according to the proposed strategy for 2018-2020. Our target groups are teachers, trainers, policy makers, academics and other professionals directly involved in the adult learning sector in Cyprus.

The main activities of the strategy:

In particular, the Strategy of the National Support Service (NSS) for the year 2018, is to promote the EPALE platform to individuals or groups involved professionally with adult learning. 

The main outputs from the implementation of the above strategy will be:

Number of participants in Cyprus EPALE actions.

Number of adult learning professionals registered on EPALE.

Amount of new material submitted and published on EPALE.



Our Supervisor and Project Manager is Dr Elias Markadjis. He is responsible for planning, coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the projects΄activities, as well as supervising and guiding the work of the NSS staff.

Maria Parmakli is our Project Coordinator.  She is responsible for the day to day management and co-ordination of the work of the EPALE CY NSS.  Moreover, she is responsible for the coordination, cooperation and communication amongst the stakeholders and partners of the platform.


You can contact any member of the team by phone on +35722800833 or by email at





Adult education in Cyprus is offered at public, semi-government and private institutions which, according to the type of education or training being offered, can be grouped in three categories:

  • Institutions offering formal adult education,
  • Institutions offering non-formal adult education,
  • Institutions offering (continuing) vocational training.

Below, are listed the major institutions and organizations offering adult education clustered in the above mentioned categories.


Formal adult education:

The five Evening Gymnasia and the two Evening Technical Schools in Nicosia and Limassol, Post-Secondary Institutes of Vocational Education and Training,the Open University of Cyprus, the Mediterranean Institute of Management, Higher Education Institutions (both public and private) offering flexible learning programmes for adults.


Non-formal adult education:

The Adult Education Centres, the 41 State Institutes of Further Education, the Pedagogical Institute, Private Institutes registered with the Ministry of Education.


(Continuing) Vocational Training:

The Cyprus Productivity Centre, the Cyprus Academy of Public Administration, afternoon and evening classes at the technical schools, the Apprenticeship Scheme offered jointly at technical schools and private industries, in-company courses funded by the Human Resource Development Authority.


The information mentioned above were recovered from:

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This list may give you a broad overview of the adult learning sector in Cyprus.

National Stakeholders:

Ministry of Education and Culture

Cyprus Pedagogical Institute

General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning

European and International Affairs Office

The Foundation for the Management of European Lifelong Learning Programmes

Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA)

Cyprus Productivity Centre

Eurydice Network

European Agenda for Adult Learning 2014-2020

 The Open University of Cyprus

State Institutes for Further Education



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