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Project IDEA - Citizen territorial animation

ESSTEAM acts as the intermediary of the Bourgogne social center which wishes to develop a project of democratic citizenship on a European scale thanks to the Erasmus+ program.

The Bourgogne social center is an association in Tourcoing and aims to be a place with a global, family and multi-generational social vocation, a place of animation of local life and of concentrated and innovative social interventions. Its objective is to ensure the educational and financial management of the social center project. It carries a CAF approval which defines the objectives of its action: • Contribute to educational success, adult training and skills development for residents • Create the conditions for the personal and professional development of the inhabitants. • Strengthen residents' development of the power to act in terms of solidarity, ecological and digital transition and citizenship. 

The project : The development of the territories depends on the capacity of all the actors (local authorities, State, associations, companies, inhabitants) to cooperate and on the quality of the collective processes of work, co-construction and reflection.  It's often relevant and/or necessary to call on professionals in the facilitation of participatory meetings and cooperative processes to encourage the mobilization and involvement of stakeholders in a shared project in the territory. 

The proposed project is an innovative cooperation project between actors which aims to: - Promote democratic citizen participation in Europe, particularly in disadvantaged neighborhoods and in close collaboration with institutional authorities and other territorial actors. - Participate in the development of the actors involved in the project - Build a network of actors involved in the issue of democratic citizen participation

To do this, we want to develop a methodology to support precarious territories in the expression of their citizenship, their democratic participation in the life of the neighborhood and their connection with institutions through the training of professionals from associative and institutional structures in a favorable method as well as by the creation of support tools.

The project will therefore include: - Survey and study of findings and practices around citizen participatory democracy - Collaborative definition of a territorial and citizen animation method - Realization of a methodological guide for territorial and citizen animation - Training of professionals in the method of territorial and citizen animation - Measurement and evaluation of the social impact of the project

This project aims to involve a consortium of actors sensitive to the theme and intervening on this issue to support and refine the relevance of the actions of each and create support tools for our approaches. The European dimension offered by setting up a project via the Erasmus+ program will allow the crossing of cultures and practices necessary for the creation of quality tools applicable in all the territories of the European area and thus contribute to the development of democratic citizenship in Europe.

The project provides for the accessibility and dissemination of the productions on a European scale, in particular via their translation into several languages (English, Spanish, French for example).

This project will be submitted as part of the cooperation partnerships for adult education of the Erasmus+ program, education/training component.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in being part of this project or for more information.

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Dear Sophie, 

I read your project IDEA and it seems really interesting. My organisation is CSV Marche a regional volunteering support center in Marche region, center of Italy. Our work is exactly that promoting Citizen animation and co-creating social value involving volunteers, social enterprises  and public authorities. I think volunteering is first of all an act of freedom and democracy, and it's one of the base of the democratic system. Our gaol is to support and create spaces for volunteering and volunteers to enable them to act as democratic builders. We have many experiences in this field. 

CSV Marche is the volunteering regional network which pursues the qualification of volunteering organizations on the territory of Marche Region. CSV Marche membership base is around 400 volunteering organizations. They elect the Board, composed only by volunteers and it defines the political guidelines of volunteering organizations. CSV Marche is the managing body of CSV (Volunteering Service Centre) that is a centre for supporting and development of volunteering organizations. CSV staff is composed by 22 full time employees and by external esperts. CSV has its seat in Ancona, 5 provincial head centres (Pesaro, Ancona, Macerata, Fermo, Ascoli Piceno) and 19 secondary information desks. CSV Marche delivers free services such as administrative and fiscal advises, communication, promotion, support to project development and to collaboration with public administration and other local entities, also through thematic networks. CSV MARCHE budget amounts around two milions euros.

The operational philosophy of the Centres is to add value to the resources already in the territory through networking allowing the experiences and the assets of volunteering to expand and gain value among groups and associations.


If you are interest in cooperating please do not hesitate to contact me, here or, better, at

My name is Nicolò Triacca. Simone is our president. 

Kind regards


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Dear all

Just in case that you need a Portuguese partner for your ka2

PREVIFORM, Lda. is a Portuguese Adult Training Center established in 2005, accredited by the Portuguese Government. Your mission is to give attention to innovative training methods, validation and assessing the learning outcomes.

PREVIFORM has a wide range of experience in adult training in almost all modalities, as well as a long experience in providing consulting in areas that specialize in Occupational Safety, Food Safety and Hygiene field and Nutrition.

PREVIFORM, LDA. has been acting for many years in organizing qualitative internships for VET education students in Portuguese companies operating in various areas: ICT, business administration, editor, accountancy, tourism, veterinary, cuisine, catering, graphic design, economics, marketing, public administration, equestrian, architecture, agriculture, alternative energy resources, etc.

We work on different topics, and we accept new project proposals. Basically, we work with adult people, but we can also work with young people.

PREVIFORM, LDA. Is sitting on the oldest Village from Portugal, Ponte de Lima.

A short video spot you can find clicking on this link:

PREVIFORM has successfully worked for more than 15 years in different EU co-funded projects to build and develop innovative training and during those years it has constituted experienced team which includes project managers, researchers, trainers, VET experts.

Please download our partner form:


Kind regards,

Marta Coelho

PREVIFORM - Laboratório, Formação, Higiene e Segurança do Trabalho, Lda.
Rua Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro n.º 635 | 4990 – 024 Ponte de Lima
Tel./Fax. +351258941289 | | |

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