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Online Discussion on Learning Communities in Rural Areas

On Wednesday, 8 June, from 10 am to 4 pm CEST, EPALE will be hosting an online discussion on Learning Communities in Rural Areas.

The written discussion will be introduced by a live stream (10-10.40 am CEST), with invited experts. Ewa Smuk-Stratenwerth (SEED), Cath Gristy (Education Studies, University of Plymouth), and Zoltan Hajdu (General Coordinator, Focus Eco Center), moderated by Gina Ebner and Christin Cieslak (EAEA), will share their perspectives and experiences.

Watch the streaming here:

Our guest speakers will be talking about rural policy and praxis and the changes over the last 20 years. We will also speak about what effect prior approaches have had on our society and shared values. During the discussion, we will explore whether and how the EU is already or possibly be able to counteract this development.

A critical view of practice examples will provide us with concrete insight into the reality of rural learning communities and how we better acknowledge their strengths and needs moving forward.

Guiding questions will be:

  • What are learning communities in rural areas?

  • What are urban-oriented educational policies?

  • Does a systematically exclusive approach negatively affect our society and shared values? 

  • What kind of challenges do rural learning communities face, and what can we learn from how these communities have overcome challenges in the past?

Some objectives of the discussion

This discussion aims to kick off an ongoing debate on learning communities in rural areas, the challenges they face in regards to learning and teaching, what urban-oriented educational policies are, and how those might negatively affect our European shared values. Our experts will provide you with a theoretical introduction to some challenges, and concrete, practical examples of initiatives supporting rural learning communities. 

The discussion is part of a special Focus Week (from 6 to 10 June) dedicated to Learning Communities in Rural Areas, promoted by EPALE teams from Austria, Belgium (NL), Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, and Poland.

We warmly invite you to share your experience and initiatives.

Comments are already open, so you can start sharing your thoughts, resources, and suggestions.

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