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EPALE Discussion: Building inclusive linguistic diversity in Europe

Learning languages is a key not only for social inclusion, workforce mobility, but it also contributes to a cohesive, culturally enriched Europe. Take part in our next discussion to discuss the role of language learning in Europe today!

The linguistic diversity has always been a key characteristic of the European culture and life in general. It is essential to ensure that this diversity is an asset and not a threat to social cohesion. In this EPALE discussion we address the notion of linguistic diversity and social inclusion on the very special occasion that European Day of Languages celebrates its 20th anniversary and will look at what resources and developments are available to enhance cohesion via language learning.


The livestream panel is taking place on this page Monday 27 September from 10:00 CET to 10:45 CEST, and will be followed by a moderated written discussion. The livestream will be hosted by Tamás Harangozó, Editor at the European Basic Skills Network (EBSN), with Graciela Sbertoli, Secretary General of the EBSN. 

The moderated discussion will unfold around the following perspectives:

  • How do you think foreign language learning promotes social inclusion?

  • In what ways was learning languages during Covid-19 affected?

  • Sharing good practices and resources for the linguistic integration of adults in Europe.

Let your voice heard!

Keep ready! We are launching an online voting for our participants via smartphones about the linguistic diversity of Europe and to share the results during the discussion and at the end of the event. The voting page will be available from the 20 September on this page! 

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