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Can one system for validation meet the needs of all users?

Everyone learns outside formal institutions, but the needs to validate non-formal and informal learning might be different for a migrant wanting to start working, a person that dropped out of school that wants to resume education or an employee that wants to improve its career prospects. Do we need different systems for each of those users? Can we just have one system that meets all their needs? 

We want to take this opportunity to start the discussion that can continue at the conference Cedefop is organising on validation November 28-29 in Thesslaoniki, Greece. We will focus on 4 types of users:

  1. Validation for migrants 
  2. Validation for unemployed or at risk of unemployment 
  3. Validation for low qualified adults 
  4. Validation for people in employment 

What is it from your point of view?

I am looking forward to hear from all! 

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