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WE ARE ALE – Global Campaign kick-off



March 22 2021, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Paris time (UTC+1)


Virtual on Zoom

Civil society organisations are getting ready to kick-off a global campaign to advance and promote the concept and practice of adult learning and education (ale).  For the rst time, civil society organizations committed to ale have come together to adopt a shared global denition of adult learning and education. Practitioners, learners and civil society representatives from five continents will speak with one voice proclaiming –  we are ale!

The kick-off event will be the start of a five year global campaign to increase the visibility of adult learning and education worldwide, and to empower civil society to speak with one voice to advance the rights of all youth and adults to quality education and lifelong learning.

 “We are a global alliance of the main international actors in the field of Adult Learning and Education. We believe in the fundamental importance of ALE for achieving a healthy planet and a better world. By working together in the promotion of ALE as a global brand, we advocate for greater involvement and investment in ALE by governments, donors, private sector, international organizations and social movements.”


Let´s act together, support us in getting the world to know, understand and hear ale!!


You can already register here:


Stay tuned for further information and contact if you have any questions.


Partners of this campaign

  • ASPBAE – Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education 
  • CASAE – Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education 
  • CEAAL-Consejo de Educación de Adultos de América Latina 
  • CLADE  – Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education 
  • DVV International- Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (DVV) 
  • EAEA- European Association for the Education of Adults
  • ICAE – International Council for Adult Education
  • ICEA – Institut de coopération pour léducation des adultes
  • JACAE – Jamaican Council for Adult Education 
  • Pamoja West Africa – West African Network of Reflect practitioners
  • PIMA – Pascal International Members Association
  • REPEM – Red de Educación Popular entre Mujeres
  • UIL – UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning
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