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Together E-Toolbox: A Digital Space for Intercultural Dialogue

The project's technological output, the TOGETHER e-Toolbox, intends to provide a common digital area for knowledge-sharing, promotion, and raising awareness of intercultural dialogue-related topics. It is an ICT outcome that supports the venture's innovative and alluring nature.

The innovative feature of the TOGETHER e-Toolbox is its seamless and effective learning experience adapted to the context of local community actors and its integration and adaptation of digital tools for varied cultural audiences. These materials work equally well on laptops, tablets, and smartphones and are designed for mobile access.

It composes of 3 distinct innovative ICT elements:

  • The ONLINE PLATFORM is the informational website of the TOGETHER, which is addressed to the general public, presenting the project as well as interesting news, articles, publications, infographics and quotes which promote cultural exchange, diversity and the dialogue between people of different backgrounds. In other words, it opens a window for anyone interested in ICD to "embark on the TOGETHER's journey" and become aware of its progress, providing the possibility for further contact and participation. It is directly connected with all the communication channels between the general public and the partnership: registration on the newsletters, easy access to the project's official e-mail address, connection with the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the TOGETHER and contact details with all the project partners. 
  • The MOBILE APP, in the form of a Progressive Web Application (PWA), addresses target groups with self-managed training. This application is grounded on the position of smartphones (and relative mobile devices, tablets, etc.) as integral parts of the daily interaction pattern of people in the 21st century and their quite frequent use as information and communication devices, being the motive of bringing TOGETHER rationale and goals in the mobile world. Check for the instructions HERE.
  • The LEARNING ENVIRONMENT (e-learning) targets mainly local actors and policy/decision makers, i.e. the project's target group, without excluding anyone else who may be interested in intercultural dialogue. It digitalizes the modules and the lessons of IO2 and makes them available to the end-users, enriching the theory and bibliography with images, videos, games, tests and other audiovisual material. It also enables social networking and profile-making to connect and bring closer local actors from different countries, allowing them to exchange opinions, best practices, and experiences under the common topic of intercultural dialogue, encouraging, thus, non-formal education on multiple levels. 

Through this digital context and relative components, the interested stakeholders can contact TOGETHER partners, get information on various sources regarding Intercultural Dialogue, and complete the training on the e-learning platform. Anyone with a general interest in intercultural communication has access to the training materials created by TOGETHER and is free to utilize the interactive and collaborative solutions created.

The Toolbox materials are completely Web 2.0 compliant and accommodate a variety of cutting-edge online courseware. Standards for accessibility compliance guided the development of the technical infrastructure. The platform and application technology also incorporate all the norms and anticipated social media features currently necessary for online learning. It was created with a user-friendly interface to enable its widespread use and exploitation by other project consortia, stakeholders, and service providers.

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