TENDER Web-App in Public and Private bodies in the Czech Republic

Like all employees, people with disabilities can bring a range of skills, talents and abilities to the workplace and there is a range of supports to help them find and keep employment.

With TENDER project consortium we developed of a tool that can support intermediary organizations in facilitating this match.


STATE ORGANIZATIONS ( Public body) – Job office

As a state organisation, the Job office takes care of people with disabilities. They work at various projects that deal with such an issue. In addition to helping jobseekers find a job that suits their disability, it offers employers allowances to employ people with disabilities (PWD). In the Czech Republic, the allowances are divided as follows:

  1. Allowance for the establishment of a PWD job
  2. Allowance for the payment of operating costs incurred in connection with the employment of a disabled person
  3. Allowance to support the employment of disabled people in the sheltered labor market according to § 78a ZoZ

The use of the Tender application is however not possible for the Job office because they have been using their own system for many years and are not keen on changing it.



The way to use the application leads through private organisations.  Most of them work with subsidies from the state, region or the city.

If you are going to employ people with disabilities, try to create a list of jobs in which you could employ PWD. As one of the following steps, you have the opportunity to contact non-profit organisations working in the field of disability, which will help you pass on a suitable offer and find candidates. If you employ a disabled person, you provide less subsidies for social support and at the Job Office (ÚP) you can get acquainted with the possibilities of the state allowance for the adjustment of the working environment or the purchase of aids for the disabled employee. The employer may also receive a contribution from the Job Office for the creation of a new job for the disabled person or for its operation.

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