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10 Jul

Teamwork & Teambuilding

Czech Republic

Nowadays, it is widely accepted that a critical element of success for a team is the diversity of skills and personalities. This diversity can be harnessed in such a manner that team members can use their strengths in full but at the same time compensate for each other’s weaknesses. Another critical element of team work success is that all team efforts are directed towards the same clear goals, the team goals. In this respect, team work success largely relies on good communication in the team and the harmony in member relationships. On the other hand, team building skills are critical for effective management and leadership. Team building skills are essential not only for those who are on a managerial and/or leadership role but for all employees, given that better understanding of team work can make an employee/team member more effective and efficient at professional level.  The ‘Teamwork & Teambuilding: reach high & far’ course will equip the participants with essential knowledge and tips on how they can become better team members, how they can get their team to work more effectively as well as how to lead a team into success. The course gives emphasis on the essential tips for creating member teams, such as fostering open communication, building trust, setting clear goals and harnessing/capitalizing on diversity. This is a masterclass course taught by high-calibre trainers and professionals with vast practical experience in working and building up international teams.

Event Details
As planned
Event type
Professional development event
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Organiser type
Other event
Organiser name
ShipCon Limassol Ltd
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Target group
Academics, students, researchers in andragogy
Projects & partnerships
Aims and objectives
1. Understand the benefits of Team work
2. Contribute effectively to team membership
3. Communicate positively and productively with team
4. Understand Team Roles and Synergy in the Overlap of Teams
5. Understand the role of the Team Leader and establish productive relationships
6. Understand Team planning within operational and strategic requirements
7. Increase self confidence
Expected (learning) outcomes
Upon completion, participants in this course will be able to:

1. Understand the meaning of a team & build a high performance team
2. Improve individual and group productivity
3. Understand development of potential of both individuals and the whole team
4. Establish clearly defined team goals and develop a Plan of Action to achieve them
5. Determine clear roles and responsibilities within teams & Improve communication within the team
6. Understand the Qualities Needed for Team Leaders/Executive Team Members
7. Identify and respond to the needs of individuals using different motivational techniques
8. Identify those characteristics of the team (i.e., group objectives and individual and collective abilities) that impact on a person’s leadership strategy and control their effect on team output
Recognition / certification of participation
1. Certificate of attendance & certificate of competence (skills & competences required – Europass CV)

2. Europass mobility certificates – to be issued by the applicant’s National Authority (NA)
Attending fee
Themes addressed

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