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28 Jun

Summer School – online format "Educational Laboratory to unlock the potential of Innovation and Sustainable Business Development"

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Summer School:

  • is an intensive study programme (5 days) carried out in online format to encourage active citizenship and Sustainable Business education
  • takes advantage of intercultural and international online environment nourished with good practice exchanges between students, teachers, and trainers from Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, and Czech Republic.
  • support participants’ understanding of actual practices on Sustainable Business development and citizenship behaviour brought by a couple of role models, speakers and guests from local industry of South Moravian region of Czech Republic.
  • Covers key topics in Sustainable Development Performances as Business, Social, and Environmental aspects.


Event Details
As planned
Event website
EU project nr.
Organiser type
Other event
Number of delegates
< 100
Target group
Academics, students, researchers in andragogy
Aims and objectives
Summer school offers:
- Modules to understand modern developments for sustainability in doing businesses; Business Governance; Innovation and Sustainable Business development; Economic, Social, and Environmental performance.
- Lessons from practices with local experts from different industries, and multicultural case studies with sustainability issues from partners countries (Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, and Czech Republic).
- Digital learning experience and international approaches to promote education for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Expected (learning) outcomes
- Students will gain different learning perspectives on sustainability in doing businesses.
- Students will develop digital and civic skills and improve understanding of multidimensional nature of sustainable growth.
- Students will learn innovative practices and international guidelines on Sustainable Business development.
Selected students is expected to:
- To take part to all online learning activities as per agenda
- To have good communication skills in English (at least B2)
- To be eager to share experiences in a multicultural environment.
Participants will be selectes on criteria basis which are:learning performance, interest in the subject of sustainable development; motivation to take actions in the field of sustainable development in business; social competence ability to cooperate in a group, including an international environment, English language.

Recognition / certification of participation
Participation Certificate from project partners.
Attending fee

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