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4 Oct

Special Needs and Autism: how to deal with them? Theoretical and practical experiences

Reggio Emilia
“Special needs” and “Autism”: two important topics in nowadays schools.Italy and its inclusive schools system is a very innovative way of working in the educational system.This intensive course gives to educational figures the possibility to learn methodologies and tools to understand the way of working with students with these kind of difficulties, in a formal and informal way, having some practical experiences together with the theoretical part.
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As planned
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Professional development event
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Other event
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< 100
Target group
Academics, students, researchers in andragogy
Adult learning networks & organisations
Projects & partnerships
Aims and objectives
The course wants, in particular, to reach some goals:
- to provide knowledge about the integration of children/students with special needs and to promote methods in inclusive education
- to observe clinical and educational experience to learn new method and instruments
- to create an occasion to exchange experiences and ideas about European situation of inclusive education
- to develop links with teachers, educators and social workers from different European countries
- to develop professional competences and skills
Expected (learning) outcomes
Knowledge and skills you will acquire:
- Improving knowledge about the clinical description and the
analyses of Neurodevelopmental Disorders
- Improving knowledge about the integration of students with special needs and inclusive education
- Exchanging experiences and creating links between professionals from different European countries
- Developing professional skills to work with students with special needs
Recognition / certification of participation
Certificate of attendance
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