SINTRA project – Achieving Sustainability through INTRAprenaurship

“SINTRA – Achieving Sustainability through INTRApreneurship“ is a 24 months Erasmus+ project (KA2: Strategic Partnerships for adult education) where the first transnational meeting was held in September 2020. There are seven partner organizations from six countries taking part in the SINTRA Project; from Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Estonia and Bulgaria as well as Iceland; being the coordinator for the project. 

The project is designed to provide an integrated support, tailored to the needs of organizations for the development of intrapreneurship-related skills, competences and attitudes among both employees and employers for improving the organizations’ sustainability.

SINTRA project develops tailor-made and innovative training resources and tools, targeted at sustainability-focused intrapreneurship support of organizations in the Business, Civil or Government sector across Europe.

SINTRA Project’s objectives are:

  • To better understand of national and sectoral contexts in the field of environmental, social and economic sustainability from an intrapreneurial perspective and to identify existing gaps in the intrapreneurial mindset at organizational level.
  • To elaborate an innovative training methodology, tools and material, combining the processes of sustainability-focused intrapreneurial training and counselling in a single, integrated approach, in order to enhance the environmental impact of organizations and their social and business sustainability.
  • To address the needs of organizations by delivering pilot sustainability-oriented training workshops and counselling services, enhancing intrapreneurial efforts that might eventually lead to new or modified products and services with a positive sustainability impact.
  • To transfer the project results to other countries through setting up of an e-Learning Platform and to create an open innovation toolkit for sustainability focused intrapreneurship.

SINTRA results:

  • Gap Analysis of national and sectoral contexts in the field of environmental, social and economic sustainability from an intrapreneurial perspective and identification of related Good Practices that may be used as educational resources for employers and employees.
  • SINTRA curriculum and educational resources for employees’ and employers’ sustainability-oriented intrapreneurial training.
  • Counselling for development of sustainability-oriented intrapreneurial assignments by organizations’ representatives.
  • SINTRA e-Learning Platform for providing the training resources, developed within the project to targeted and interested end-users.
  • Open innovation toolkit for supporting organizations’ representatives to collect ideas and modify products, services and organizational processes to be more environmentally friendly and more sustainable in social and economic terms.

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