SCALE: Scaling Up Applied Creativity Labs for Europe

SCALE is a 30-month Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project addressing current local and regional environmental and climate change issues faced by communities across Europe. The Opportunity Centre (UK) is coordinating this project with partners GEINNOVA from Spain, Institute Perspectives from Bulgaria, The Square Dot team from Belgium, ATV from Latvia, CM Lousada from Portugal, and IVE from the UK.

SCALE is replicating an innovative methodology known as Applied Creativity Labs (ACLs) devised by IVE on a pan-European scale, laying the foundations for its implementation and uptake at a systemic level. The project enhances critical thinking among learners aged 12-17 and raises awareness of the huge potential of harnessing their natural creativity in producing innovative solutions to environmental issues. A network through which teachers and trainers can exchange resources, knowledge and good practices across Europe is also being cultivated.

SCALE is producing the following outputs:

A Framework of Creative Competences

An Applied Creativity Labs Best Practices Implementation Guide

A European Applied Creativity Labs Digital Platform

An Impact Assessment and Policy Recommendation Report

The first stage of the project involved the development of the Framework of Creative Teaching Methodology and Creative Learning Competences. This resource was enriched by the input offered by attendees at innovative 'Stakeholder Consultation Meetings' held across Europe earlier this year. The translation of these Frameworks into Bulgarian, Dutch, Latvian, Portuguese and Spanish is being finalised for the benefit of transnational stakeholders and will soon be published online. The next stage of the project will involve the technical development of the European ACL Platform which will house all the SCALE resources listed above.

SCALE partner IVE’s Applied Creativity Labs have been run in schools and youth agencies in the UK, but this is the first time they are being rolled out internationally. The Labs are proven to engage learners by placing STEM concepts in their real-world context, and empowering learners to think about how they might change the world around them. This educational framework is unique in its solution-focused and creative approach and could influence education policy. Independent evaluation of the programme has shown its impacts on learners' confidence, oracy, career ambitions and critical thinking skills

A 'co-creation methodology' is being implemented for SCALE, with partners actively engaging with teachers, careers staff, local decision makers working educational and environmental policy, environment-focused organisations, and industry experts. These groups will be invited to offer feedback on the current progress of the project at both face-to-face and virtual meetings taking place in December.

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