The Review of Post-18 Education and Funding - a review of a lifetime


In February 2018, the government announced its review of post-18 education and funding. It is a review led by the government, with input from an independent panel chaired by Philip Augar. The review was commissioned to work out how best to “promote a more dynamic market in education and training provision”, “ensure the post-18 education system is accessible to all”, and “encourage the development of the skills that we need as a country”.

The government's review of post-18 education and funding will report in early 2019. 

In December 2018, The Campaign for Learning and NCFE released a new paper on ‘The post-18 review of education and funding: a review of a lifetime’. The paper has contributions from commentators on post-18 education and skills and covers adult learners, 16-18 education and skills, apprenticeships and higher education.

Mark Curnock Cook, John Widdowson, Susan Pember, Stewart Segal, Mark Corney and Mick Fletcher each cover a different perspective of post-18 education and each offer four recommendations including a 'must do' policy the author believes would create a fair and balanced system, so that adults of all ages and skill levels can learn, up-skill and retrain.

The articles included in ‘The post-18 review of education and funding: a review of a lifetime’: 

  • Mary Curnock Cook: Time to disrupt the three-year residential degree
  • John Widdowson: What about adults?
  • Susan Pember: Put adult learners - and future learners - in the driving seat
  • Stewart Segal: More apprenticeships for young people and young adults
  • Mark Corney: Fair funding for post-18 education and skills
  • Mick Fletcher: Don't worry about parity of esteem: esteem is enough

You can read the full report by clicking on the link here.

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